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Create Happy Mind

Create Happy Mind

Mental Wellbeing, Online

Birkdale QLD 4159
Do you often feel tired when you wake up? Or when you go to bed, you can’t sleep? Is your brain overworked and overwhelmed, thinking of all the things you need to do? Are you troubled by headaches on your days off, or feel so depressed that you can’t do anything at all?

Some of us are so stressed, we argue with our loved ones for no particular reason. We may forget people’s names easily, or where we have placed things. Perhaps the car keys end up in the fridge!

My passion for energy medicine started a long time ago when I woke up one day and could not get out of bed because my back was so sore! I could not go to work. I managed to see an acupuncturist that day. I really thought traditional Chinese medicine could not ‘fix’ me and, at that time, it could not – I had to find a state of balance within myself first.

I was so desperate to get rid of the pain; my journey led me to Neurolink (similar to applied kinesiology/touch for health). Following that treatment, my back pain did not return. I was so curious and intrigued that I needed to know more so that I too could heal my family and friends, some of whom suffered from mental and physical illnesses, etc. This occurred in 2001; since then I have never stopped learning (ironically, part of that learning is now acupuncture!).

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