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me&my wellness

me&my wellness

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Randwick NSW 2031
me&my is a Sydney nutritionist practice that takes a different view. We look at the whole picture to find the best path to a solution.

Whether you’re struggling with weight management, suffering from a digestive issue or trying to cope with feelings of overwhelm – we think you deserve a more considered approach. One that asks better questions, listens a little harder and delves a bit deeper to find the real answer. One that defines a sustainable, manageable plan to break the cycle and set you up for the future. One that really is all about you and your long-term happiness.

Does physical and psychological health matter to your business? It should! Your people are your greatest asset and so keeping them healthy and happy is vital to your organisation’s success.

It’s a fact that Australians are working longer hours and dealing with greater levels of stress than ever before. That influences how we fuel our bodies which in turn affects our physical health and ultimately – our mental wellbeing. And all of that defines how we perform in our professional lives. Businesses live and die on how good their staff are – so smart management ingrain wellness strategies into the fabric of the business. They provide guidance on nutrition, lifestyle balance, stress and sleep management amongst other topics. They define a culture focussed on staff welfare and supporting their growth to create places that the best talent wants to work in.

Corporate wellness isn’t a ‘nice to have’ – unhealthy staff cost business through absence and reduced productivity. Amongst other things happy, healthy staff are more galvanised, creative, determined and motivated. And that’s the kind of workforce that propels a business forward.

Don’t know where to start? me&my provide advice and plans for business that help them place staff welfare front and centre. Book an initial consultation with our corporate nutritionist and find out how better health and wellbeing is good for business.

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  • 3 x Bachelor Degrees in Nutrition (with distinction), Complementary Medicine (with distinction) and Chemical Engineering (honours)
    First Aid Certificate
    Mental Health First Aid
    Working with Children certified


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