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Mindful Counselling Australia

Mindful Counselling Australia

Mental Wellbeing, Health, Online

Berwick VIC 3806
At Mindful Counselling Australia we focus on helping you achieve optimum mental well-being in your life. Our own experiential learning has shown us that by cultivating a mindful approach in life we can become aware, open, curious and present to our experiences. By acknowledging our experiences and seeking appropriate and timely support we can live a more meaningful and beneficial life. Our director, Asha Padisetti, is an experienced psychotherapist, counsellor, meditation practitioner and educator who has used her own personal experience to develop a systematic approach to help her clients get relief from stress, anxiety and depression.

We offer specialist counselling services and well-being courses. Asha has a strong interest in how to use mindfulness interventions in various health settings including palliative care, engaging with physicians and social workers on how to care for the carers. Asha’s study of mindfulness began 25 years ago and as a mindfulness meditation practitioner, and she draws on the works of Jon Kabat Zinn, Jack Kronfield and Eckhart Tolle who have worked towards presenting mindfulness meditation a secular practice and have been able to bring mindfulness to mainstream. Asha is currently working towards becoming a certified meditation teacher.

Asha’s provides psychological first aid in domestic crisis situations through mobile counselling services. She is involved in bringing awareness of domestic violence in the community and advocates for the safety of women and children. Asha has a multi-disciplinary background with a keen interest in mental well-being and technology. She is currently working on the use of virtual reality applications in the treatment of mental health. Asha teaches at a top tier university and is researching domestic violence models of care for CALD communities and management. She loves spending time with her family and her dogs.

Our work includes:
- Workplace stress & anxiety
- Specialist counselling for grief, loss and bereavement.
- Working with women impacted by domestic violence and sexual violence.
- Working with women impacted by trauma.
- Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programs.
- Advocacy for mental health and healthy relationships.
- Workplace and community-based training.
- Specialist offering for the Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD).

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  • Psychotherapy
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  • Counselling & Psychotherapy Session

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    1 hr
  • Follow-Up Counselling & Psychotherapy Session

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    45 mins
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  • MSocSc (Human Services, Counselling),
    Grad Cert in Bereavement Counselling & Intervention,
    Mindfulness Based Interventions (Level 1)
    MBIS, BCom,
    Cert. IV in Workplace Training & Assessment.


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