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I Am Counselling

I Am Counselling

Mental Wellbeing, Online

Middle Park VIC 3206
I am a counsellor dedicated to working with you, supporting you to explore new solutions to life’s interruptions, concerns and transformations.

My background includes; counselling, psychotherapy, personal development, personal grooming and image consultancy.

Having worked with individuals of all backgrounds and stages of development has allowed me to become more convicted by one major factor for growth and wellbeing to occur, and that is, the importance of knowing yourself intimately. This intimacy becomes the cornerstone of all decision making in your life. It firstly allows you to have the ultimate relationship with yourself which then permeates outwardly with having positive and rich relationships with others in your life. This naturally leads to personal growth and development which will inevitably allow for a rich intimate relationship with a personal partner and to equally offer great working relationships.

The saying "Knowledge is power" is very true. However, we mostly associate this saying to our working environment, our political understanding and our social experiencing. Having and knowing yourself will give you the same power if not more in all areas of your life. Once you have that knowledge and power, there are no limits to gaining what it is you want to achieve for your life or the desire you have to feel connected to what you are experiencing.

Have that personal and intimate knowing relationship with yourself will one the door to the path of knowing your purpose. This knowledge can never be offered to you but gained from your own inner knowing of self.

By working together, you gain insight into the reason you feel as you are. We get to unpack the big questions and the not so big questions. Both big and not so big questions are both just as important as each other. For the most part, its the not so big questions in life that lead to the hidden unconscious blocks that hinder us or unravel us that become the gems is arriving in a place of great self-awareness, growth and ultimate calm and steadiness in life.

Having an authentic presence, empathy and transparency have been the key's to allow a trusting relationship to develop with those I work with, allowing them to be present to meet their true and authentic selves.

Having a deep understanding and knowing that we all have the power to gain greater insight and awareness is the central core concept which promotes self-empowerment.

I work on the premise that you have the power and the answer to any questions regarding your life and your choices.

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