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The Lavender Clinic

The Lavender Clinic

Natural Therapies, Massage

Hornsby Heights NSW 2077
The Lavender Clinic is a haven for serenity, relaxation and restoration of energy. Wellness for the mind and body using the healing properties of massage.

Nestled in the beautiful leafy tranquillity of Hornsby Heights in Sydney’s upper North Shore, The Lavender Clinic is a haven for serenity, relaxation and restoration of energy. Wellness for the mind and body using the healing properties of massage. For your convenience, I also practice at two other natural therapy clinics - 'Elemental Health' in ST IVES and 'All Health Clinic' in TURRAMURRA.

By using Remedial and Manual Lymphatic Massage, combined with the exceptional benefits of Aromatherapy, I provide my clients with holistic and natural treatments.
Stimulating the lymphatic system, promoting blood circulation, treating insomnia and reducing high blood pressure are just a few of the benefits from a regular Aromatherapy and Remedial and Lymphatic massage treatment.

Whether I use the pure ‘single note’ essential oil or customise a medicinal blend for my client, they will experience a complete sense of calm and mental repose. Releasing the mind from tensions and anxieties that may be causing tightness of muscles, cramping, stiffness of joints, lack of mobility and/or debilitating pain.
My massage treatments include Thermal Basalt Stones, Himalayan Salts, Hot Herbal Compresses and warm Soy & Beeswax Massage Candle.

Combining each of these Aromatherapy treatments with a customised Remedial-Lymphatic massage and using 100% organic high-grade essential oils to offer a natural, safe and drug-free alternative to treating a vast variety of ailments. Managing pain, reducing stress, agitation and anxieties, treat headaches and migraines, soothe sore joints, improve sleep quality, alleviate side effects of chemotherapy and a variety of other health issues. Several Essential oils used in Aromatherapy also have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and immune-enhancing effects.

I believe having a thorough understanding of a client's ailments and their lifestyle is paramount to their treatment for starting their journey to better health, pain relief and a happier, more productive life.

Incorporating these techniques and customising them on different visits makes a real and significant improvement in pain management, relief and in the overall health plan of a client.

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