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The Thrive Movement Australia

The Thrive Movement Australia

Mental Wellbeing, Online

St Leonards VIC 3223
Our Purpose

‘The Thrive Movement Australia’ is for people, organisations and community. We exist to be a platform that empowers people, organisations and community to connect, to learn, to grow, to THRIVE and then share this way of being with others. We do this via Events, Workshops, Courses, Consulting, Facilitating and Coaching.

We are an organisation that understands in order for us to THRIVE in today’s hectic world, we need to embrace the latest evidence based health and wellbeing science from the West and adopt the ancient wisdom and principles of living from the East.

We focus on the factors that actually predict whether people, organisations and community are healthy and thriving, like strong and resilient workplaces/families and social cohesion.

We are able to increase the psychological safety of workplaces and communities to one that is healthier, safer and more productive, one that empowers people with the resilient tools and strategies, one where everyone finds belonging, purpose and meaning. Research shows this prevents Mental Health claims. Sadly, this is not usually the case.

Living life on purpose and fulfilling our potential requires these core values, conditions or environments that foster our growth, positive change, and freedom of self-expression. Our purpose is therefore to disrupt inter-generational poverty by reaching out those who want a better life and delivering empowering educational programs for them, integrated with the support of fellow NFP's, local and state government bodies and community minded people and organisations.

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