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Aton Healing Therapies

Aton Healing Therapies

Mental Wellbeing, Online

Hawthorn VIC 3122
It is difficult to imagine now that I began my working career as an electronics engineer in a scientific research and development laboratory. That laboratory situated high in the mountain region, where we had our telescopes and giant antennas pointing to the space - away from the city's lights and pollution.

Then, quite unexpectedly, I moved to Australia and became one of the founders and chief editor of a monthly newspaper. After managing it for seven years (brought it to an international level) and gaining practical business, marketing and HR skills, decided to keep searching for the true inner calling. That is despite having a lot of fun at work that included meeting and interviewing many leading actors, singers and politicians in Australia, Russia and Armenia. I had the privilege to meet in person the Minister for Immigration at the time, Phillip Ruddock, the state premiers Jeff Kennett and Joan Kirner, the Ambassador, Alexander Losukov and others. Over the next period, I obtained a Master’s Degree in business and marketing, participated in both academic and commercial research commissioned by Opera Australia. Working on these projects has led to close contact with people in the world of opera and music. Then I handled special marketing and coaching projects. Since 2014 I shifted my attention to business coaching and consulting, which gradually led me to the field of life coaching, psychotherapy and other modalities of helping professions. I have tried and succeeded in changing my life. That gives me the inner strength to support others change for the better.

Get help with:
- Depression, Stress
- Anxiety, Phobia
- PTSD, Weight Loss
- Quit Smoking, Pain Management
- Infertility, Inability to relax ... and more.

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