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Westside Fitness HQ

Westside Fitness HQ


Prestons NSW 2170
Welcome to Westside Bootcamp!!

Working in the fitness industry for over 6yrs and coming from a sports background, playing professional soccer and then as a coach I have gained valuable knowledge in fitness expertise for all levels. I am a registered personal trainer with fitness Australia, a group fitness instructor, Bootcamps instructor, sports conditioning coach, and kids active program's instructor. I am passionate about helping people and seeing them change their lives, we give advice on nutrition and general well being and are here to help you achieve any goal you may be striving to achieve. If your looking for your next challenge with serious results then join the Westside Bootcamp team now!

This is the first step to making a difference to your life and joining our great team! Westside Bootcamp brings a friendly, family environment to people who want to challenge themselves and make that change to their lives they have always dreamed about, and this is where we make those dreams come true! We cater to everyone's fitness levels, so if you've ever been discouraged to join a Bootcamp don't be, we are professional and passionate about what we do, we believe that fitness should be fun but a challenge at the same time.

Our Bootcamps are designed to give you a maximum workout, whether your the professional sports athlete to the person who just has a goal to achieve, we will give to you, better overall fitness, strengthen your core and mid section, give you the strength you thought wasn't possible and tone your body to the shape it deserves, but most of all we will make you feel good about yourself again.

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  • Personal Training
  • Unlimited (1week)

    Current Price
    45 mins
Monday (today)
Closes in 3 hours.
  • Cert III Fitness Australia