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Inspired Breath

Inspired Breath

Mental Wellbeing, Online

When you are afflicted by on-going anxiety and depression, I feel for you because, most likely, you have been told by the medical fraternity that it's a fault in your brain chemistry that is causing the problem, making you feel that you are defective.

But what if your life circumstances were the main cause? There is no pill for that. I can offer you a way out of the quagmire to give you the resources required to tackle unresolved life circumstances.

What is the difference between talk therapy and action therapy?

Talk therapies are varied, but most consist of attempting to unearth hidden conflicts and associated emotions through free word association.

Action based therapies, whilst involving direct and honest conversations, rely on breath, movement and sound. This helps to unlock trapped angers, resentments, grief and other emotionally repressed material. Just telling, unearthing and re-framing of your difficulties is not enough to help clear the underlying bodily tension associated with it, leading to the problem returning over time.

There is no avoiding climbing the mountain and there is no magic bullet.

Can the Breath Journey really cure depression?

Depression, the Black Dog. It can be crippling. Breathwork can help - I predict that after at least 3 Breath Journey sessions, you will most likely start to feel lighter in yourself, gradually letting go of that dreaded 'can't get of out bed' feeling. Breathwork helps liberate the 'stuck' emotions which can cause depression, such as feelings of isolation from friends / society, repressed anger, existential angst and unacknowledged grief. I will work with you if currently take anti-depressant medication. (I do not advise suddenly getting off them - talk to your GP).

How does using your breath help reduce anxiety?

Occasionally holding your breath due to day to day life is no problem. When holding your breath or shallow breathing becomes a habit is when anxiety problems can ramp up. Your amygdala fires up very quickly (fraction of a second), while your story about the stressful event takes at least 2 or 3 seconds.

When actively and consciously breathing, any difficult or underlying tensions can more easily come to the surface and be released safely and effectively. Feelings of anxiety and panic are greatly eased. In your day to day life, you will start to notice when you are restricting your diaphragm. This allows you space to correct bad habits over time.

How is the Breath Journey Different from Wim Hof's Breath Method?

The simple answer is not much and a BIG difference. Both methods involve voluntarily breathing in a controlled way. That is where the similarities end. Unlike Wim Hof's breathing method, my Breath Journey method is not about feats of bodily endurance and stamina, but rather a way to enter into a non-ordinary states of consciousness to enable your inner life to be more easily and expressed. My breath method involves constantly moving the breath through the lower and upper body without any holding of the breath.

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