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Nutrition4You by Dr Megan

Nutrition4You by Dr Megan

Health, Online

North Avoca NSW 2260
Dr Megan Fabbro has extensive academic and professional qualifications as a medical scientist and nutritionist that place her at the top of her industry.

At Nutrition4You, Dr Megan Fabbro & her team translate current scientific evidence on health and nutrition into understandable, practical and appropriate advice so you take control of your health and restore a positive relationship with food forever.

The Nutrition4You team have supported 1000s of people with their journey towards better health AND can help you too!

From an early age, I have played competitive representative netball, baseball (yes, I was the only girl in the competition), softball and athletics. I still play competitive netball today, walk and cycle everywhere possible rather than take a car and enjoy spending my leisure time being active, especially swimming, cycling, & salsa dancing.

With an Italian background, food has always been an important part of my life, particularly at family and social gatherings. As such, I am a foodie at heart and love sharing delicious meals whilst socialising with family and friends. I am very passionate about returning families and individuals back to the old-fashioned concept of eating together and not feeling guilt over specific foods or food groups. We eat every day and food tastes delicious and every mouthful should be enjoyed. It comes down to what foods are right for YOU and what portion is appropriate for your body. In the past 20+ years, my love of cooking and recipe development has grown. I have learnt many tricks and shortcuts to make a meal taste delicious within healthy guidelines & portion-controlled. I will share many of these with you during our private consultations and nutritional programs I design for you.

One of my favourite (but often exhausting) roles in this world is being a mum to a beautiful and highly energetic 8yr old daughter. In addition to running a hectic nutrition clinic, I am all too familiar with how time-poor we all are these days (especially working mums) and how we often put ourselves last, which often means putting our health on the back-burner. I want to show you it can be easier than you thought. I have help 1000s of individuals and families get their health back on track and achieve their goals with simple everyday approaches. You can do it too!

The recipes I create focus on helping you achieve better health without sacrificing that yummy taste. The recipes are family-friendly, easy to cook (anyone can do it) and use whole real foods from the local supermarket that do not cost a fortune (not fancy expensive health food products). All of these things make it easier to sustain long-term good health.

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