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Nova Genesys Nutrition

Nova Genesys Nutrition

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Hello I am Roberta! Business owner, nutritionist, entrepreneur, language tutor and ex geologist, my passions run wide and wild across many different fields. I qualified with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional and Dietetic Sciences at Endeavour College, Sydney, and I have been practicing independently as a clinical nutritionist, since. I decided to base my practice completely online, as it allows to accommodate for client’s different schedules, routines, and lifestyles, while minimising time loss and maximising value.

My focus and area of expertise is the Low-Carbohydrate Eating Regime, knows also as Ketogenic Diet, seen as a lifestyle rather than a temporaneous short-term intervention. If you have tried the Ketogenic Diet before and felt awful on it, if it was too hard to follow, if you saw no results: I hear you. There is so much confusion and information available, that sifting through it and organising notions by its rightful context requires a bit more of a technical help. And that is where I come in! I am looking forward working with you.

Nova Genesys Approach:
The main drive behind Nova Genesys Nutrition is the desire to through a unique treatment strategy I can help you healing the body, as well as working with you to achieve your health goals, safely, organically, and with as low a struggle as possible. I have experience in using a ketogenic approach to address chronic fatigue, depressed immunity, brain fog, poor memory and concentration, weight loss, thyroid conditions, low energy, stress and poor sleep to name a few.

What I do NOT believe in:
Short term fixes.
Quick result at the cost of both mental and physical health.
Obsession over calorie counting.
Strict regimes that lead to failure as they are unsustainable for the client.
Relying heavily on supplements to fix problems.
Following trends over the latest science.

What I DO believe in:
Healing before changing
Follow true hunger over cravings.
Eating seasonally and according to the body’s needs.
Supplements to target specific deficiencies until resolved.
Empowering with knowledge.

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