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Holistic Remedies

Holistic Remedies

Mental Wellbeing, Natural Therapies, Online

Kaleen ACT 2617
Raji’s interest in health, healing and cooking began at a very young age – in her mother, grandmother and great grandmother’s kitchen in India. Raji’s great grandmother practiced Ayurveda until her mid-80s and her father was a practicing GP, laying the foundation for Raji’s foray into natural medicine. Food is Medicine was the mantra in her house. The ancient Ayurvedic traditions of daily self-care, including spiritual practices such as meditation and mindfulness, were an integral part of Raji’s growing up years. She also learnt how western medicine was used alongside ancient treatment options to restore wellness.

Her innate passion for food, health and medicine came to the fore after Raji moved to Australia. She felt a deep urge to delve deeper into health and healing and that led her to study Naturopathy at the Canberra Institute of Technology. This learning journey took her back to her roots and helped clarify for her the essence of health and the meaning behind Hippocrates’ words: ‘The human being can only be understood as a whole’. The whole person across all ancient healing systems includes the physical body, mind and spirit. And this is exactly what Holistic Remedies is all about – treating the person not the illness.

Raji is pursuing post-graduate qualifications in Counselling from the University of Canberra to further enhance her skills and abilities to be able to help patients successfully navigate through life and live a harmonious, healthy and fulfilling life. Raji is training to become an accredited Lifeline Telephone Crisis Support Counsellor.

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  • Naturopathic Consultation

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    1 hr 15 mins
  • Mental Health Support

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  • Bachelor of Science – Bangalore University – 1985
    Master of Communication – Bangalore University – 1987
    Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy – Canberra Institute of Technology- 2013
    Certificate in Clinical Ayurveda – Yoga Therapy Institute- 2020
    Trained and qualified Yoga Teacher – Bangalore – 1985
    Graduate Diploma in Counselling – University of Canberra (In progress)
    Lifeline Crisis Support Counsellor – Currently on internship
    Volunteer Mental Health Educator with Mental Illness Education ACT (MIEACT)
    Raji is a registered member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) and keeps herself up to date with current research and findings in the field of natural medicine and health by attending professional seminars and conferences.
    She is a member of Mental Health Foundation and a student member of the Australasian Society for Lifestyle Medicine and Australian Counselling Association.