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Fermentanicals Org Sprouted Quinoa 500g

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Fermentanicals Sprouted Quinoa contains a gluten-free seed that can be used as a complete protein source. Its enviable nutritional properties stem from its complete amino acid profile and from the protein content. Sprouting activates the seeds and enhances the nutritional profile of the food, making it easier for your digestive system to break down in comparison to non-sprouted flours. Essentially germinating the seed to create a living food, which stimulates the production of new enzymes that help digest both the carbohydrates and proteins. It also sheds the harsh anti-nutrient outer layer of the seed that can sometimes create havoc in your digestive system and that usually inhibits your body from absorbing the important vitamins and minerals. Sprouted grains contain higher levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and protein and contain less calories and carbohydrates then their non-sprouted equivalents. Sprouting differs from Activation in that the germination process yields more nutrients as opposed to activation which has the same nutrient profile as the raw seeds. Its mild nutty flavour makes it an ideal replacement to grains such as rice and wheat and its versatility means that you can enjoy this nutritious superfood whist benefiting from the nutritional boost your body needs.   

Sprouted quinoa

Use as you would normal quinoa

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