When it comes to how we are feeling, things are looking brighter

Despite a global pandemic, 50% of us said our mental health was pretty much the same as two years ago

Customer Insights online survey, n=2001, Feb 2022

25% of us have been feeling better by having the opportunity to focus on our health

Good health isn’t just about diet and exercise. In recent years we’ve all come to appreciate mental health’s importance to our wellbeing. Better yet, we’re doing something about it.

Customer Insights online survey, n=2001, Feb 2022

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For others though, the data suggests their mental health may be worse off.

25% of those surveyed felt worse off due to stress in the past two years.

But, there is some encouraging news…

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Many of us have focused more on hobbies, family and feeling gratitude.

Getting into your hobbies and practising gratitude contributes to physical and mental wellbeing and helps form positive connections.

In fact, the pandemic may have boosted our resilience.

Grow your resilience by nurturing yourself, your emotions and your relationships. Finding small joys in your day‑to-day life may lower rates of depression and anxiety, resulting in higher psychological wellbeing.

28% of people feel they’ve become more resilient in the past two years.

Resilience is simply the ability to adapt in the face of adversity. It helps us get through life's difficult circumstances, speed bumps and blindsides.

Customer Insights online survey, n=2001, Feb 2022

Although, we could do with some more quality sleep.

58% of those surveyed said their quality of sleep was either average or poor.

When we don’t get enough sleep we can feel lethargic and moody, make poorer food choices and have difficulty concentrating.

Customer Insights online survey, n=2001, Feb 2022

So what is it that’s keeping us up at night?

39% of us said anxiety was the biggest factor to negatively affect both our sleep and stress levels.

But we're taking positive steps to feel well by reading, going for walks and sipping on herbal teas.

Customer Insights online survey, n=2001, Feb 2022


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Did you know that 27% of us want to be more social to look after our mental health? For more insights into the ways Aussies are feeling, plus practical tips and strategies to improve your mental wellbeing, download the full Living Healthy Report 2022 now.

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