From what we’re eating to how we’re moving, we took a pulse check on our nation's health two years into the pandemic

How well did Australia fare?

There’s no denying COVID-19 has fundamentally altered how we think and act on our health and wellbeing

But perhaps what isn’t as clear, is the extent to which these changes can be considered positives or negatives...

That’s why we surveyed thousands of Aussies, to understand the ins and outs of their healthy habits

We pulled data and expert information, including purchase, search and data trends from across the Woolworths Group and other organisations.


We found a country that's made good strides to better its health, but also one with plenty of room for improvement

Pick a mission below and find out where Aussies are hitting their targets, and where we still have a ways to go

eat well

Eat for good health

Discover how Aussie's eating habits evolved during the pandemic and how our shopping baskets stack up against the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

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move well

Move more to live well

During the pandemic many of us changed the way we move. Discover what this shift has meant for the health of everyday Australians, and how we can all keep ourselves moving.

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feel well

Mind and body together

Despite the challenging events of the past two years, there have been some positive mental wellbeing outcomes. Find out how some Australians have turned lemons into lemonade.

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A pulse check on our nation's health, 2 years into the pandemic

Get to know how Aussies have been eating, moving and feeling, as we dig through the data to breakdown what’s good and not so good about Australia’s health habits.
Plus, get expert-backed advice to help turn insights into actions.

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