When it comes to how we’re moving, we’ve found that physical activity levels have shifted for more than 50% of Australians, compared with pre-pandemic times…

But has it shifted for better... or for worse?

Positively, 33% of Australians reported integrating more movement and exercise into their day. Others felt they still had room for improvement…

Our COVID-19 lockdowns have had a curious effect: they brought many of us out of our homes to exercise. And while we’re enjoying plenty of moderate exercise, we are falling a little short when it comes to vigorous exercise and strength training.

Customer Insights online survey, n=2001, Feb 2022

A great place to start is by flexing our muscles more.

Turns out, only 29% of Aussies do enough muscle-strengthening activity each week

And we need to keep those up because resistance training and lifting weights are great for our bones, muscles and even our heart.

In fact, around one third never do any.

For most people muscle mass peaks around the late 20s or early 30s. Getting the recommended two sessions of muscle strengthening per week can help improve our posture, wellbeing and general health.

Customer Insights online survey, n=2001, Feb 2022

Only ~30% of Aussies do enough muscle
strengthening each week

But pandemic living hasn’t been all bad. There is some good news too.

With gym access far from a sure thing, 28% of us have bought our own equipment in the past 24 months.

Now we just need to use it!

“Choose an activity that brings you joy! Something that you want to show up for. Invite a friend and book in the time so you can have fun together.” Stevie Wring, Head of Health and Nutrition, Woolworths Group

Customer Insights online survey, n=2001, Feb 2022

We’re using healthy motivations to get moving.

More than half of those surveyed reported that they are motivated to exercise ‘to stay healthy and prevent disease’.

And looking good, and maintaining good mental health and sleeping patterns are also key motivators when it comes to moving more.

But, many of us are still struggling to find the time to exercises amongst our many other responsibilities

38% of us said that time barriers are getting in the way of working out.

Customer Insights online survey, n=2001, Feb 2022


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