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This report tells a story about Australians’ health and wellbeing, how we’re coping in challenging times, how much of our burden of disease is preventable, and the opportunities for us to work together towards a brighter future.  

Leveraging our unique Woolworths Supermarket data, Living Healthy Report 2023 is brought to you by healthylife, a digital health business backed by Woolworths Group. 

Here’s what’s inside – and why it matters.

A word from our Chief Health Officer

Hear from Chair of the healthylife Advisory Board and Accredited Practising Dietitian, Simone Austin, as she breaks down what you can expect inside this year’s edition of the Living Healthy Report.

Living Healthy Report 2023 - An Introduction


"What is healthy eating?" might seem a simple question with a simple answer. But with every individual having different nutritional needs and the planet’s health to also consider, the answer is far from simple. 


Is the number of preventable deaths in Australia each year due factors caused by poor diet.


Is the number of daily serves of veggies Australians are eating per person per day. That's down from 2.8 in 2021 and around just half of the recommended 5–6 serves per day.

↓ 7.14% from 2021

What the research shows


Many Australians don’t get enough exercise. This has partly driven by economic factors, and shows the influence social determinants have on our health. Here’s how we can help change that for the better.


Biggest risk factor to the burden of disease in Australia is physical inactivity, costing $15.6 billion per annum in healthcare and lost productivity.


The number of Aussies aged 18-64 that meet Australia’s physical activity guidelines. Around 65.5% partly meet the guidelines, but often fail to achieve the twice a week muscle strengthening activity recommendation.

What the research shows


Mental health is just as important as physical health. There are many areas at a population level where our mental health and wellbeing could be strengthened. Where should we start?

1 in 5

Australians reported a mental or behavioural condition in 2020-2021, with anxiety disorders being the most common.


Of Australian workers’ mental health has been negatively affected by their work.

What the research shows


To stay healthy is to maintain your best physical, mental and social wellbeing. It involves prevention underpinned by proactivity over reactivity from individuals and decision-makers. Here’s how we can improve our focus on Australia’s wellbeing.


Of Australians regularly use a complementary medicine, a category that includes non-prescription medicines like vitamins, mineral and nutritional supplements, and more.


Is the drop in cigarette sales at Woolworths Supermarkets from 2020-2022, continuing a trend of reduced smoking prevalence in Australia thanks to successful preventive health measures.

What the research shows

Where to next?

In light of these research and findings, healthylife’s Advisory Board has proposed recommended next steps. We hope having these calls to action and examples of initiatives ready at your fingertips will inspire the change necessary to help Australians live a long, healthy life.

The healthylife Advisory Board

Every member of our Advisory Board is a qualified health expert in their field, bringing a wide range of perspectives and experiences to help ensure all of healthylife’s initiatives are based on science.

Simone Austin

Chief Health Officer, healthylife, Chair of Advisory Board and Dietitian

Dr Moira Junge

Health Psychologist, CEO Sleep Health Foundation

Sarah Gray

General Manager of Health and Nutrition, healthylife, Pharmacist and Nutritionist

Stevie Wring

Head of Health and Nutrition Woolworths Group, Public Health Nutritionist and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

Dr Dinesh Palipana

Emergency Department Doctor and Senior Medical School Lecturer, Lawyer

Dr Rob McCartney

Chief Medical Officer Woolworths Group, Occupational and Environmental Physician

Download the report

Explore the many opportunities for Woolworths Group, industry, government and the wider community to both individually and together improve Australians’ health and wellbeing.

Disclaimer: This report does not provide health or medical advice, and does not take into account your individual circumstances, health requirements or specific dietary requirements.

No representation is made about individual improvement to health. Any information published is not intended as a substitute for health or medical advice. If you have any concerns or questions about your health you should consult with your GP or other health professional.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this report may contain the names and images of deceased persons.

A full list of references and insight data can be found inside the Living Healthy Report 2023 or via the link.