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Not sure what to wear to yoga?

2 September 2021|2 min read

Worried about what to wear to yoga? Fair enough.

When you’re starting a new yoga class it can be hard to know if the door will open to rows of matching activewear or a bunch of tie-dye tees.

The reality is, whatever your style, there are certain wardrobe choices that will make your yoga practice easier and more comfortable. 

Make it stretchy 

No matter who you’re drawing inspiration from – Stevie Nicks or Beyonce – you’re going to need some stretch in your fabric. Even if you’re wearing loose clothing, some elasticity will make it easier to move freely. 

Think about exposure

You may feel comfortable in an oversized t-shirt when you’re standing in front of your mirror. But if it flops over your face when you bend over, it’s not going to work for yoga class.

Likewise, will you feel comfortable in tight activewear when you’re tied in a knot? One great option is to go for something in between the two.

If you’re choosing something on the looser side, make sure it’s long enough to tuck into your waistband so it doesn’t go anywhere during downward dog. And if you’re going for tights and a crop – leave your self-consciousness at the door. 

What about knots, zippers and buttons? 


Lots of activewear comes with design features that can get in the way of certain poses. A knot can make it hard to lie down, and a zipper can dig in if you’re in the wrong position.

This is why yoga clothing is usually pretty streamlined. If you can lie comfortably on your front, back and sides in the outfit without anything digging into you, it will work well for yoga.

Can you do yoga with shoes on?

Not usually. It’s possible, but it’s also very unlikely that many classes would let you. Having your feet on the ground is an important part of yoga practice. Because of this, you’re going to want to make sure that your feet are clean and inoffensive before you turn up.

The same goes for doing yoga with socks on. It’s not the usual practice and although you CAN do yoga with socks on, it’s unlikely you will be allowed to as it can be a slip hazard. 

Consider rugging up


At the end of most yoga classes, there’s a pose or meditation practice called Savasana. Often people find that they like to have a blanket or jumper to throw over themselves to stay warm for this part.

It’s purely personal preference but consider bringing something that’s easy to slip on. 

Don’t forget the squat test

Nothing will test the opacity of your leggings like yoga poses. Frog pose? Downward dog? You’re going to want to know your behind is covered.

Before you leave the house, take a moment in front of your mirror with good light. Have a bend, wiggle and flex to make sure you’re not giving the people in the back row too much information. 


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