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Why you should try for 5

Nutrition Australia8 October 2021|2 min read

National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week (10-17 October 2021) is the annual event aimed at raising awareness of the importance of good nutrition and healthy eating habits for our health.

Occurring during October of each year, National Nutrition Week sees individuals and organisations across Australia share insights, tips, and strategies to help Australians make healthier choices.

At the centre of this week, is the Try for 5 campaign, an annual event aimed at increasing vegetable consumption in Australia. 

Try for 5

Try for 5 is led by Nutrition Australia, Australia’s leading nutrition non-profit. Nutrition Australia are passionate about helping Australians achieve optimal health through good nutrition.

Operating since 1979, the organisation provides nutrition information, education, consultation, and advisory services to a range of organisations, workplaces, and individuals.

The Try for 5 campaign was developed by Nutrition Australia in response to the low levels of vegetable consumption in Australia. The campaign has been running for nearly 10 years and reaches approximately 90,000 Australians each year.  


Get more veg in your life

This year’s Try for 5 theme is ‘Get more veg in your life’. While we all know vegetables are good for us, currently only 7% of adults and 5% of children eat the recommended five serves of vegetables each day. This low amount means many Australians are missing out on key nutrients important for health. 

Nutrition Australia Vic Division CEO, Lucinda Hancock explains, “Vegetables are at the very centre of healthy eating. They can safeguard us from chronic health conditions – such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and obesity."

Try for 5 is not about scare-mongering people into eating more vegetables. That simply doesn’t work. It’s about providing everyday Australians with the inspiration to think of vegetables in different ways.”

What’s happening this Try for 5

This year’s Try for 5 campaign will bring a week of exciting virtual events including live cooking demonstrations, virtual farm tours, social media takeovers, nutritionist Q&As and a cook-it, shoot-it, share-it competition.

In addition to a range of virtual events, Try for 5 has also launched a new website –, with over 100 new veg-focused recipes, as well as tips, tricks, and resources to help Aussies get more veg in their life.

The campaign is backed by five major sponsors, each passionate about encouraging a love of vegetables – Velisha Farms, Perfection Fresh, Butler Market Gardens, Sanitarium Health Food Company and WA Potatoes. 

Support Try for 5 this National Nutrition Week. Visit