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The best bodyweight exercises for glutes to get your own buns of steel

10 December 2021|2 min read

As with any smart fitness goals, having a toned tush isn’t just about appearances. It’s also good for your whole body. When your glutes are strong, it may lead to less lower back pain and improved posture

Just as you may do free yoga online or your core exercises at home, many of the best bodyweight exercises for glutes don’t require a gym membership. 

So, what is the best exercise for your glutes? Personal Trainer, Gabrielle Petterwood reveals all. 

The best bodyweight exercises for glutes

They’re one of the best compound exercises but are squats the best exercise for glutes? According to Gabrielle, they’re one of the best bodyweight exercises for glutes. But if you don’t enjoy squats or want some variety in your workouts, she also has some other suggestions.

“Pilates is definitely great for your glutes and so are squats, lunges and step ups. If you really want to get into your glutes, unilateral single leg exercises are really beneficial,” she says.

There are benefits of lifting weights so if you have all the at home gym equipment you could add weights to your glute exercises.

But Gabrielle says there is another way to level up for buns of steel.

“Sometimes if you’re doing just bodyweight exercises for your glutes it’s not challenging enough. Playing with the tempo could make a big difference. That means making sure you’re coming down into your lunge or squat really slowly,” she explains.

You’ll certainly need to do some reading on how to get rid of sore muscles after a few sets of those!


Side-lying clams, glute bridges and crab walks are some of the best glute activation exercises with resistance bands

Best glute activation exercises with a band

When it comes to fitness, there’s always exercise hacks and ways to mix things up to get better results. One way to improve cardio is to try the benefits of HIIT. And with glutes, something as simple as using a band could make a big difference.

As for the best glute activation exercises with a band, Gabrielle recommends side-lying clams, glute bridges and crab walks. But she does have a big caveat to her recommendation.

“Technique is everything. I see so many people get carried away thinking that if they’re doing a single leg glute bridge that they need to push their leg up as high as they can. But if you have a strong, stable pelvis and you’re really bracing through your core, it’s not about how far you go, it’s just about maintaining the glute activation.”


Pilates is definitely great for your glutes but so are squats, lunges and step ups

Feel the burn

Whether you’re doing squats or crab walks, remember that warming up helps to prevent injury and rest days are important. If you’re worried, familiarise yourself with the signs of overtraining.

If buns of steel are what you’re aiming for, incorporate some bodyweight glute exercises into a 30 day family fitness challenge to get the whole family involved. Having a cheer squad joining you in your glute mission may be just the thing you need.

Gabrielle Petterwood is a Personal Trainer with a holistic approach to fitness, nourishing the body with fresh foods and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle to realise full body health.

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