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Your guide to the best natural deodorants in Australia

23 December 2021|3 min read

Choosing a natural deodorant can be challenging because, technically, everything on Earth is made of chemicals.

So, what makes them ‘natural’? 

The term ‘natural’ deodorant is not a technical one. It’s more of a collective term that can describe deodorants that don’t contain active ingredients from the aluminium family, which is typically found in antiperspirants. 

It’s these types of deodorants we’ll be talking about today, and we’ll be referring to them as natural deodorants to help you choose products without aluminium. 

Before we jump into our guide to the best natural deodorants in Australia’ let’s have a quick refresher on how deodorant works. 

How does deodorant work?

People tend to reach for the deodorant if they’re worried that they have a bit of a body odour pong going on. The funky smell comes from a combination of:

  • chemicals in sweat
  • some waste products that the body excretes from the skin
  • bacteria that live naturally on your skin

Unlike antiperspirants, which use chemical agents to reduce sweating, deodorants don’t stop sweating but focus more on masking smells. 


What makes a deodorant ‘natural’?

Natural deodorant sprays

Prefer a natural spray deodorant over roll-ons or sticks?

Akin Rose & Australian Sandalwood Natural Deodorant Spray is a delicious smelling spray that uses Australian essential oils, including Australian sandalwood oil. It also includes rose and rosemary oil.

CRYSTAL Deodorant Spray Unscented is a clever, scent-free formula that uses natural mineral salts to create a barrier that helps to protect against odour-causing bacteria. And because it’s unscented, you can choose exactly how you want to smell each day.

Natural deodorant paste

One natural deodorant producer, Black Chicken, has chosen to make deodorant pastes instead of sticks or roll-ons so that they don’t need to use hardeners, softeners or fillers. 

Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Natural Deodorant Paste Barrier Booster is our top pick for a natural paste deodorant.  You can easily apply it with your fingers; it is bicarb-free and formulated for sensitive skin. 

And because Black Chicken is Australian-owned and operated, you can feel great about supporting a local business.

What’s more, one of the benefits of switching to this natural deodorant is that Black Chicken has a recycling program for all their packaging to reduce their environmental impacts.  

Roll-on natural deodorant

Did you know that the first roll-on deodorant was inspired by the ballpoint pen around 1950? And today, over 70 years later, roll-on deodorants are still a popular option.

Dr Hauschka Deodorant (Roll-On) - Sage / Mint has no aluminium salts, is a low alcohol formula and has a subtle, herbal sage and mint fragrance.

Mebeme Natural Deodorant Fresh Citrus is a roll-on containing lemon and lime essential oils for a zingy and invigorating citrusy scent. 

Natural deodorant sticks

If you are looking for a natural deodorant stick, look no further. 

Noosa Basics Deodorant Stick - Coco Vanilla is aluminium free and palm oil free. It has a gorgeous coconut and vanilla scent creating a fresh, tropical vibe. 

ACURE Deodorant Stick Baking Soda Free Charcoal Magnesium is a gentle blend of charcoal and magnesium with no baking soda or aluminium in sight!

What if you prefer ‘men’s scents'?

If you’re not a fan of floral notes, don’t stress. All deodorants work in the same way. Typically, the only difference is the scent used, and sometimes the packaging. 

Handsome Men's Skincare Natural Deodorant is an Australian-made men's natural deodorant blending citrusy bergamot and mandarin scents with spicy cinnamon essential oils for a more traditionally masculine scent.

That means you can pick up one of the best smelling men’s deodorants in Australia for him, and then borrow it yourself when the mood strikes.

Benecos Men Deo Spray is a mild formulation with no aluminium salts. Instead, it contains St John's wort, aloe vera and burdock root.

Making a naturally informed decision

With so many options in front of you in the shops, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by choices. But when you know what you’re looking at and understand what goes into the products you use, you can make the best decision for you and your family. 


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