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Is this a vegetable?

20 August 2021|2 min read

Fun fact: on average, 720 Australians per month search Google to ask whether a mushroom is a vegetable. 880 ask the same question about garlic, and 1,600 want to check on potatoes. 

But perhaps most concerning is that 480 people (hopefully, all 8-year-olds) want some clarification on pizza’s vegetable status. So, let us clear up all these veggie-related FAQs for you. 

Is a mushroom a vegetable?

Short answer: no. 

Long answer: mushrooms are classified as fungi because they don’t have leaves, roots and seeds. But don’t let that put you off. Mushrooms may not be veggies, but they’re nutritionally awesome. 

So go ahead and use them in salads, on pizzas or grilled up for breakfast. Just like most vegetables, they are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, and powerful antioxidants.

Is garlic a vegetable?

It sure is. Garlic is classified as a vegetable from the allium (onion) family. This means that, yes, onions are a vegetable too. 

Garlic is delicious and contains vitamins and minerals… plus you can use it to ward off vampire attacks! You could call it a super(natural)food. 

Is corn a vegetable

Yes and no. You can really go down a rabbit hole trying to find a clear answer to this one. 

The general consensus seems to be that an ear of corn is considered a vegetable, but some sources classify individual kernels as either a fruit or a grain. And if you’re asking to find out whether corn is healthy, the answer is yes - all vegetables are healthy!

It’s also delicious and the colour of sunshine. 15 points to corn!


Beans are legumes, which are usually considered vegetables.

Are beans vegetables?

Yes. More specifically, beans are legumes, which are usually considered vegetables. They’re nutritionally dense, like vegetables, plus a must-have in your nachos. 

That said, some people claim that legumes also fit the ‘fruit’ criteria. But because there’s no one governing body to make this decision, we can only tell you one thing for certain: don’t put them in your fruit salad!  

Is a potato a vegetable?

Yes – it’s a starchy vegetable! But does that mean hot chips count as vegetables too? Well, technically yes, although the process of deep-frying them tends to up their fat, calorie, and salt content. 

Fun facts: there are about 5000 different types of potatoes in the world. And although they’re often culturally associated with Ireland, they actually originated in the Americas. 


Pizza is tasty, versatile and good for the soul. It’s also a great vehicle for many of the veggies we’ve mentioned above.

Is pizza a vegetable?

Seriously? No, not even nearly. 

What pizza IS though, is tasty, versatile and good for the soul. It’s also a great vehicle for many of the veggies we’ve mentioned above. So go ahead and enjoy in moderation!

Curious about nutrition? 

It’s great that so many people are asking veggie-related questions. That means we have a chance to do our favourite thing: make it easy for you to manage your wellbeing. 

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