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Are you ready to try some tasty vegan snacks?

22 December 2021|3 min read

Snacking is serious business, so let’s talk about the best vegan snacks.

While it’s easier to find substitutes for animal products than ever before, it may still be a challenge when searching for a quick and easy snack. 

So, we’ve put together a list of our favourite vegan snacks for you to try, and even some sweeter options.

Grab and go savoury vegan snacks

Do you have a snack box in your cupboard – or handbag? Having a bunch of grab-and-go store-bought vegan snacks on hand is a must if satisfying mini-meals are your thing. 

Banana Joe’s Banana Chips - Sea Salt

We love Banana Joe’s Banana Chips - Sea Salt. Unlike regular teeth-cracking-banana chips, these are thinly cut to resemble regular potato chips. But they taste like salted bananas. It’s a bit of a mind rattle, but we believe you’ll get on board and quickly learn to love this easy vegan snack. 

DJ&A Shiitake Mushroom Crisps

While we’re (loosely) on the topic of crisps, we have to mention DJ&A Shiitake Mushroom Crisps. They’re ready to eat, and tasty. Plus, they’re free from MSG preservatives, artificial flavours and artificial colours. There’s a real novelty factor here as they look exactly like a mushroom, but they’re crunchy!

Vegan Snack Attack Gift Hamper

If you’re really into snacking, but don’t want to actually do the leg work, we recommend this Vegan Snack Attack Gift Hamper. There’s a bunch of great stuff in there that will help keep you fuelled up. And it’s a great way to try lots of products and find your new favourites. 

Make your own at home

DIY snacks from home can be a healthy vegan snack option if you’ve got a little more time up your sleeve to prepare them.  Here are a few quick, easy vegan snacks you can prepare at home:

  • Trail mix – include a mix of nuts, seeds and fruit
  • Veggie sticks – slick up some carrot, cucumber and capsicum and then dip them in hummus
  • Fresh, edamame beans – a high-protein, plant-based snack alternative

Vegan protein snacks

Did you know that the average person needs 0.8 grams of protein per kilo of body weight per day? That’s quite a bit for anyone to manage, but when you don’t eat animal products, it may be more challenging. 

Looks like you better get eating – and these vegan protein snacks could help you on your way. 

Noble Jerky Vegan Jerky Original

Noble Jerky Vegan Jerky Original is a plant-based protein snack that claims to satisfy any meat craving you may have. And, it has 8 grams of protein per serving. Which is half the packet, and let’s be honest – you’ll be tempted to eat the whole thing in one sitting. 

Nature's Protein Chick Peas

Another great high protein vegan snack is Nature's Protein Chick Peas. They’re natural, vegan friendly and an excellent source of protein and dietary fibre. They’re also lightly salted and spiced, making it very hard to have just a few. 

Funch Salted Caramel Protein Ball Mix

And you know we can’t list vegan protein snacks without a DIY protein ball mix. It was a hard decision but we’re going to go ahead and include Funch Salted Caramel Protein Ball Mix here, even though they could also qualify 

as a sweet treat. Each pack makes 12-15 balls, and they – if you could resist – last up to two weeks in the fridge. 

Sweet vegan treats

A love for chocolate and a desire to avoid animal products aren’t mutually exclusive. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

LoveRaw Cre&m Wafer Bar Salted Caramel

Let’s start with the LoveRaw Cre&m Wafer Bar Salted Caramel. Vegan – check. Salted caramel – check. Wafer biscuit – check. Need we say more? 

I Am Grounded Lemon Coconut & Coffee Fruit Bar

And if you’re looking for something a little different, the I Am Grounded Lemon Coconut & Coffee Fruit Bar is a treat with a kick, containing as much caffeine as a green tea. Not too shabby, right? 

Beyondbar - Dark Choc Toasted Coconut bar

We saved the best for last with the Beyondbar - Dark Choc Toasted Coconut bar. The name contains all the information you need. Fun fact, this brand makes it their business to #gobeyond by creating products that have a positive impact. 

10c from every bar sold is equally divided between OzHarvest, RSPCA, Lifeline and the Starlight Children's Foundation. So, it would be rude not to eat one, or two.

Reviewed by the healthylife Advisory Board November 2021.


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