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How to increase flavour on a low FODMAP diet

11 August 2022|3 min read

After being diagnosed with IBS, it can be so reassuring to discover the benefits the low FODMAP diet can have for symptom management. However, that bout of happiness can be a little short-lived when you realise how many of your favourite foods are off the menu during the 2-6 week elimination phase.  

Often people will initially think the diet is going to be boring and bland, particularly with no onion or garlic. With some simple hacks, a low FODMAP diet definitely doesn’t need to be boring. So, let’s take a look at how to increase flavour on a low FODMAP diet!

Adding flavour to savoury dishes

Here are some of our favourite low FODMAP options to make savoury dishes delicious and full of flavour:

  1. Swap garlic and onion for garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil and the green section of spring onion/leek. 
  2. Use herbs, spices, lemon/lime and chilli to add loads of flavour without the FODMAPs. Be mindful that chilli can be a gut irritant so may trigger symptoms for some individuals.
  3. Make use of low FODMAP sauces/condiments such as tomato sauce (<13g), fish sauce (<1tbsp), miso paste (<tbsp), oyster sauce (<1tbsp), soy sauce, mustard, sriracha (<1tsp), Worcestershire sauce (<2tbsp). Remember to always check ingredient lists for high FODMAP ingredients such as onion and garlic.
  4. Make your own salad dressings! We love combining balsamic (<1tbsp), apple cider or red wine vinegar with garlic-infused olive oil at a 50:50 ratio.
  5. Make your own sauces and condiments like basil pesto. Or, if you’re after something store-bought then try low FODMAP sauces such as the FODMAPPED For You range, FODY range, or Nogo range.

Adding flavour to sweet dishes

Here are some of our favourite low FODMAP options to enhance the flavour of sweet dishes:

  1. Swap honey for pure maple syrup – perfect for Sunday pancakes! 
  2. You can still enjoy chocolate (hooray) just stick to low FODMAP serves of dark (<30g), milk (<20g) and white (<25g).  Perfect sweet addition with some fresh berries or for use in baking.
  3. Use low FODMAP fruit to add in desserts or serve with low FODMAP yoghurt or cereal (or as is). Our favourite options are strawberries, raspberries (<60g), blueberries (<40g), pineapple (<1cup), passionfruit (<2 fruit), grapes and kiwi fruit.
  4. Swap dried dates and figs for dried cranberries (<1 Tbsp) or currants (<1Tbsp).
  5. Add low FODMAP nuts to muesli, yoghurt or desserts such as peanuts (or peanut butter), walnuts, pecans, brazil nuts and macadamias!

As you can see, a low FODMAP diet definitely doesn’t equate to boring or bland.  Try using this as a chance to get creative with your cooking to make delicious low FODMAP dishes.

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