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Top 5 low FODMAP desserts

11 August 2022|3 min read

If you’re like us and you enjoy a sweet treat, then today’s your lucky day! It can be difficult to find low FODMAP desserts since most regular desserts are full of wheat flour, milk and/or cream.

The good news is there are a number of simple, delicious desserts that can be easily made low FODMAP. Read on for our top 5 low FODMAP desserts. 

1. Fruit crumble  

Nothing beats a home-made fruit crumble on a cold winter’s night, or any night for that matter. You can mix up the low FODMAP fruit you use inside depending on what’s in season, or what you have available in your fruit bowl! We love serving our crumbles with lactose-free ice cream or yoghurt.

2. Home-made cookies  

The options are endless when it comes to low FODMAP cookies! To mix things up a bit, try using different fruit and nuts in them. You can try this instead of, or as well as your favourite kind of chocolate chips. Not only does this keep things interesting but it can also be a healthier option, adding some extra fibre to your cookies as well. 

3. Brownies  

If you’re looking for a chocolate-fix, you can’t go past some low FODMAP brownies! You can try adding some chopped fruit or nuts to mix things up a bit. The thing to look out for when making brownies is the type of flour and chocolate you use, as well as avoiding any milk or cream (unless it’s lactose-free of course!). We love serving our low FODMAP brownies with fresh berries and lactose-free cream or ice-cream.

4. Low FODMAP waffles

Whilst they are often forgotten about, the humble waffle is a versatile and tasty low FODMAP dessert option. Top them with your choice of fresh fruit, nuts, nut butter, lactose-free yoghurt, ice cream or maple syrup. The great thing is they can be cooked in batches and stored in the freezer. Then when you’re ready to eat them simply pop them in the toaster on a low heat and you’re good to go.

5. Low FODMAP cakes  

When it comes to desserts you can’t go past a classic low FODMAP cake. There is a low FODMAP variation for everyone, it may just require a few small changes to the recipe. As with other low FODMAP desserts, it’s important to choose your ingredients wisely. Make sure your flour, chocolate and milk/cream are low FODMAP to avoid any unpleasant IBS symptoms.

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