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After Sun Care (15)

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After sun care, you can trust

In Australia, many people love to have fun in the sun. Nourish and rejuvenate your skin after time spent in the sun with Healthylife’s after sun care products. Our after sun care range includes gels, lotions, and sprays enriched with natural ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber, and menthol, which may help retain skin moisture and soothe and repair the skin after UV exposure.

Do after sun products help sunburn?

After sun care products are formulated to address the discomfort caused by sunburn, and contain ingredients known for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties — like aloe vera, which may help restore lost moisture and support the healing of the skin’s natural barrier. They may also help reduce redness, soothe pain and support skin repair. Some after sun creams and gels provide a cooling effect thanks to ingredients like menthol and cucumber.

How often should you apply after sun care products?

For best results, apply after sun care products generously after sun exposure. Reapplication is key, especially if you've spent extended periods outdoors. Regular use of after sun products that contain aloe vera may help maintain moisture and aid in healing, supporting your skin’s hydration and health.

Understanding sun safety

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. At Healthylife, we advocate for comprehensive sun protection. The Cancer Council suggests avoiding the sun during peak UV times and adopting a holistic approach to sun safety. This means slipping on protective clothing, slopping on SPF30+ sunscreen, slapping on a broad-brimmed hat, seeking shade, and sliding on sunglasses. 

Remember, skincare is essential to your health regimen, especially in Australia's harsh climate. Regular checks for changes in your skin's appearance are important for early detection and treatment of skin issues.

Need help navigating which after sun products to choose? Talk to a naturopath to learn more about our range.