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Blood pressure monitors for at-home health checks

Here at Healthylife, we understand the importance of maintaining good cardiovascular health. For some people, purchasing a home blood pressure monitor is a convenient way to consistently monitor blood pressure, although it shouldn’t replace regular consultation with a healthcare professional. 

The two main types of home blood pressure monitors are arm cuff monitors and wrist cuff monitors. Most monitors offer automatic inflation, which applies the correct amount of pressure to the arm for a comfortable reading. Modern devices may also offer Bluetooth connectivity for tracking and storing readings. 

Healthylife offers a selection of high-quality blood pressure monitors at various price points to suit your needs, enabling you to take blood pressure readings when needed from the comfort of your home.

Are home blood pressure monitors accurate?

Studies have shown home blood pressure monitors to be accurate if used correctly. It’s important to choose a good-quality device and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Using the correct technique, including cuff positioning, may enhance accuracy. Variability in readings may occur, so comparing home measurements with those taken by your healthcare professional is advised. It’s also important to keep your monitor well-maintained to assist accuracy.

How to read home blood pressure monitors 

A blood pressure reading is usually shown as two numbers, one above the other. The top number is your systolic reading, and the bottom number is your diastolic reading. Your healthcare professional can explain how to read and interpret these numbers correctly. 

To take a home blood pressure reading, ensure the cuff is attached correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The Heart Foundation recommends taking the reading after you have emptied your bladder and before eating, taking medication or exercising. Sit quietly for five minutes with both feet on the floor and your back supported. Avoid talking during your reading. For consistency, taking your blood pressure reading at the same time of day and under the same conditions is advisable.

How often do I need to monitor my blood pressure?

This depends on various factors, including your cardiovascular health. Your healthcare professional will advise you how often you need to monitor your blood pressure and can show you how to use your home blood pressure monitor correctly.

Is there a particular time of day you should monitor your blood pressure?

The time of day may influence blood pressure readings due to your body’s natural rhythm. Blood pressure typically varies throughout the day, with lower readings during the night and higher readings during the afternoon and evening. To ensure consistency, your healthcare professional may advise you to monitor your blood pressure at the same time of day. 

Shop the Healthylife range of blood pressure monitors online today and start prioritising your health. Always consult with a healthcare professional immediately about any health concerns.