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Need a nebuliser?

Discover our quality range of nebulisers at Healthylife, your trusted online source for health and wellness products. We have nebulisers catering to adults and children, designed to deliver medication directly to the lungs for asthma and other respiratory ailments. 

Whether you’re seeking a portable nebuliser for on-the-go relief or a more advanced system for home use, our nebulisers combine efficiency with ease of use. Explore our range of nebuliser machines to find the perfect fit for your health needs.

What is a nebuliser?

A nebuliser is a medical device that converts liquid medication into a fine mist. You then breathe in the mist through a nebuliser mask or mouthpiece, allowing direct inhalation into the lungs. Nebulisers are commonly used to treat respiratory conditions and may provide efficient and targeted medication delivery for acute and chronic symptoms.

Why use a nebuliser?

Nebulisers may be used for their ability to deliver medication directly to the lungs quickly and efficiently. They may be particularly beneficial for people who struggle with inhalers, including young children and the elderly, supporting effective and accessible treatment.

How to use a nebuliser

Your healthcare professional can teach you how to use your nebuliser. While many people find a mouthpiece sufficient for correct inhalation, a nebuliser mask is available on many devices for those who need it. Position your pump on a solid surface for optimal performance and to prevent lint and other materials from entering. Typically, a pump will nebulise 80 per cent of the medication within the first 8 minutes, meaning a standard dose should be completed in approximately 10 minutes for most people.

How often should you use a nebuliser?

Speak with your healthcare professional about how often you should use your nebuliser machine and the correct medication dosage. It will vary depending on your circumstances. Nebulisers require careful cleaning and maintenance. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using your nebuliser.

When it comes to your health and wellbeing, we don’t cut corners here at Healthylife. Shop our range of nebulisers today with confidence.