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Water Filtration (14)


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Sip smart with Healthylife’s range of water filters

Water is our lifeblood. The human body can’t go more than a couple of days without water. It’s not surprising when you consider our bodies are made up of 50 to 75 per cent water. The best source? Clean, fresh tap water. 

At Healthylife, we offer an extensive range of high-quality and affordable water filters so you can have access to clean and safe water every day. From user-friendly filtering jugs and glasses to advanced water purification tablets, filter cartridges, and on-tap filtration systems, our selection of water filters caters to every need and preference.

How do water filters work?

By acting as a physical barrier, water filters block or trap residual chemicals, debris and bacteria from passing through. The effectiveness of a filter can vary based on its type – from carbon filters that alter the taste and remove common chemicals to reverse osmosis systems that eliminate a broader range of contaminants. Remember, a finer filter means cleaner water but may reduce the flow rate.

Is filtered water good for you?

Water filters may help to reduce or eliminate harmful pathogens and chemicals, ensuring your water is safe to drink. While tap water in many areas is treated, water filtering may provide an additional layer of protection, especially where water sources are known to be contaminated. Filtered water can also be a personal preference for taste and safety.

How often do you need to change water filters?

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure your water filter continues to provide the highest quality water. The lifespan of a water filter varies depending on its type and the volume of water filtered. It's recommended to replace filter cartridges or clean systems according to the manufacturer's instructions to maintain effectiveness and water flow and avoid the build-up of bacteria and sediment.

What is the best water filter?

Different water filters function uniquely and are tailored to eliminate various contaminants. Healthylife’s water filter products range from simple benchtop designs to sophisticated systems.

Benchtop water filters are an excellent choice for those seeking a straightforward, no-installation-required solution. Ideal for renters or those on the move, these units may improve the taste and quality of your tap water by reducing chlorine, sediment and other common impurities.

Sophisticated on-tap water filtration systems offer a more comprehensive approach to water treatment. These units can be installed on your kitchen tap and have activated carbon pearls, which reduce the taste and odour of your water, removing impurities such as pesticides, herbicides, hormones and pharmaceutical residue. These systems can also feature an ion exchange fibre that reduces metals such as lead, while hollow fibre membrane filters reduce microplastics and remove 99.99% of bacteria.

Choose Healthylife for your water filtering needs

With Healthylife's selection of water filter jugs and other filtration solutions, you can enjoy the pure taste of water every day. The right water filter can transform your water, so explore our range and take the first step towards a healthier, more hydrated lifestyle.